Unlock the potential of individual sustainable action

Adva is an easy to use lifestyle app that will take you a step closer towards sustainable living. Understand, track and reduce the environmental impact of your daily choices in a fun and engaging way.

What's happening around us

Our daily lifestyle choices have contributed to the current state of the environment

Are you ready to do your bit towards a healthier planet? Together, we can!

Introducing Adva – Change Begins Here

A personal, easy to use app that will guide you through your sustainability journey. Track your impact and adjust your habits as you go along, complete challenges, earn rewards and contribute for a cause!

The Future in Our Hands

Adva translates to 'ripples' in Hebrew. We at Adva want to inspire individuals and communities to adopt sustainable habits, thereby create a ripple effect to help the environment. Our vision is to build a cleaner and greener planet for us and future generations.

With environmental issues on the rise, we believe in the power of individual action to make a difference. We need to take the future in our hands and shape the world we want to live in!

Your choices matter

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